Staff Members

Alan and Kathryn Scott
Senior Pastors

More information to follow.

You can find out more about them on their websites and  or on twitter @Alan_Scott and @kathrynscott or Instagram mrskathrynscott and alan_scott71


Photo of Mike
Mike Safford

Title: Senior Associate Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x253
Mike has been pastoring in the Vineyard for over 15 years. He has served on staff at other Vineyard Churches and planted a Vineyard Church in San Diego. Mike and his family have been a part of the Vineyard Anaheim Community for several years and love calling this place home. Read More...
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Photo of Laura
Laura De Paola

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x261

Areas of Responsibility: Children's Ministry

Photo of Jamie
Jamie Gillentine

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x263

Areas of Responsibility: Community Groups, Missions, Marriage & Family 

Photo of Cheryl
Cheryl Jackson

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x255

Areas of Responsibility: Women's Ministry and Outreach 

Assistant is Diane Lester - ext 271


Photo of Dan
Dan Mahon

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x243

Areas of Responsibility: Administrative and Welcome Teams

Assistant is Caren Vigil at ext 247


Photo of Tino
Tino Suffi

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x203

Areas of Responsibility: Compassion & Prison Ministries

Assistant is Pat Harris at ext 205


Photo of Wes
Wes Watkins

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x259

Area of Responsibility: High School and Young Adults

I became a Christian when I was 22 years old. At that point my life was controlled by addictions, fear, and pure selfishness. Since then Jesus has begun a radical process of forgiveness, healing, and transformation. I want to help others know Jesus, and I believe anyone who comes to Jesus looking for wholeness and healing can find it. As I have turned my life over to Jesus, He has lead me into adventures I couldn’t imagine, character transformation I could not have hoped for, and a life full of so much blessing I feel like I am drowning in it sometimes.

I am...

Photo of Jim
Jim Wilkinson

Title: Vineyard Christian School Principal

Phone: (714) 777-5462

Staff Listing

Operation Mgrs   e-mail  Ph. Ext.
Rick Pavlovsky Communications and Technology Director 239
Don Pittman Facilities Manager 241
Support Staff   e-mail Ph. Ext.
Jill Decker Receptionist / Children's Ministry 200
David Fulton  IT Co-ordinator 251
Pat Harris Admin. Asst. for Compassion Ministry | Pastoral Care 205
Sarah Hartman    Multimedia Specialist 275
Charlene Kirkland Admin. Asst. for Worship Arts Ministry 213
Diane Lester  Administrative Assistant 271
Lynne Morris Admin. Asst. to Lance Pittluck, Mike Safford, Conferencing | Second-Half 265
Amy Nichols General Office Support 248
Jen Paolozzi Accounting (A/P) 249
Sarah Rich Receptionist 200
Jill Ridgway-Ball Accounting (A/R) 240
Debbie Shandy Admin. Asst. for Community Groups | Human Resources 273
Caren Vigil Admin. Asst. for Facilities | Scheduling | Welcome Ministry 247